Menopause Before 40!

I appear to be steadily approaching menopause.


A Shower Chair…Again!

In 2007 the MS had progressed to the point where I had to stop working. Some days, I didn't get out of bed. Others, I would spiderman (bouncing from walls to furniture for balance) my way to the couch so I could at least watch a few hours of TV.

Paging Dr. Mary Jane

I was using marijuana recreationally when I first noticed the effects it had on my pain and my mood. This is when I started using it medicinally. The problem was, street dealers don't usually place much emphasis on selection or quality control.. You take what you can get and hope for the best. It took me…

Winter vs. Summer

For me, most of my MS symptoms are relatively invisible, especially since I was treated for CCSVI and my visible symptoms disappeared. I definitely felt like I had 10 years prior. However, at that time I had already been diagnosed for fifteen years, with symptoms dating back at least 3-4 years before that. So since the symptoms…

MS Chameleon

So, like everyone with MS, I have had to learn to adapt. Constant changes. I was feeling great (minor daily issues) for close to seven years. Then RELAPSE! That dreaded word anyone with a remitting chronic illness can understand. Suddenly, I'm not great. My daily struggles have turned vengeful. It's like fighting with your body and…