So the other day I was reading some new blogs and came across this idea on this site where you can also find yummy recipes. I thought it was a great idea as well as a way to help you get to know me a little better.

This is me unplugged!

1.   Do you have a life motto?

I don’t really have a motto that I live by…I do try to go with the flow. I also believe just because I feel like this today doesn’t mean I will tomorrow. This helps me stay positive when going through an MS relapse.

2.   If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would love to live in a small cabin on the ocean somewhere warm. It doesn’t really matter where…I love to be near the water. I find it very peaceful.

3.   What would be your perfect day?

A perfect day for me involves being by the ocean. I would be with my husband, a drink in one hand and a great book in the other. We would spend the day relaxing and then go for an amazing dinner.

4.   If you were an animal what would it be?

I would definitely be a bird! I am by nature a people watcher. I can spend hours making up stories about strangers and I feel that birds have the best vantage point and are able to nonchalantly hang out close enough to people to hear conversations without arousing suspicion.

5.   Do you have any children?

I do not have children. My husband and I have had fertility problems. We chose not to pursue IVF.  I do have a dog and two cats who I love tons but are more like squatter roommates than children.

6.   If you could go back in time and do one thing differently, would you?

There isn’t anything I would do differently. Although, I have done some things that I am not proud of…they have all helped make me the weird, silly and crazy chick I am today! I wouldn’t change her one bit.

7.   What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I recently bought a device so I can pee standing up! I’m hoping it will help with my neurogenic bladder. And I love it!!! Post to come.

8.   If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Although, most people would choose some great historical figure…I would have dinner with my father. He passed away a few years ago and I miss him like crazy. I was always Daddy’s little girl. I really miss our conversations. He was the best!

9. What is the one possession you would save in a fire?

Really, if I’m being totally honest…I would be too busy trying to get my husband, two cats and dog out that I probably wouldn’t be able to grab anything.

If I could somehow grab my whole book collection I would take that! Other than that, I pay insurance because things can all be replaced.

10.  Do you work?

I run a mobile reflexology practice. I work when I can…if I’m not well, I don’t take clients. I started studying reflexology in 2006 when it started to look like I would have to stop working at my current job. I thought it would be something that I could enjoy doing, it would help people and I could do it when I am able. It helps to bring in a little extra income too.

11.  What is your guilty pleasure?

I absolutely love watching teen drama TV shows and movies. My all time favourite is Buffy…but I truly enjoy shows like Pretty Little Liars, Beverly Hills 90210 and 90210. I don’t tell people this because I am almost 40 and it seems strange to me that I enjoy watching teen dramas so much. Maybe it’s a sense of longing for a simpler time in my life.

12.   Do you prefer sweet or salty?

Definitely sweet! I don’t have a sweet tooth I have sweet teeth…but my favourite is birthday cake with the ‘grit between your teeth’ sweet icing. There is never a bad time to eat cake!

13.   How long did your diagnoses take to get?

I received my MS diagnosis very quickly. I was experiencing some very common MS symptoms. So it took one MRI. So approximately six months from the onset of what turned out to be my third or fourth relapse. The others were very minor.

My OCD diagnosis took a lot longer. Since my OCD tends to be more ‘pure-o’ than what is normally portrayed as OCD on TV and movies, I had no idea what it was. I thought I was going slowly insane.

I suffered severely with intrusive thoughts and images most of my life. However, it wasn’t until I was incapacitated by fear and couldn’t leave the house. Approximately, eight years after I started being bombarded by my scariest intrusive thought. Due to the nature of the thoughts, I felt I couldn’t tell anyone. Post to come…

14.   How does your MS affect you daily?

I have numerous daily MS symptoms. Lately, I have been having a severe MS hug. (Which actually prompted me to start this blog.) Also, a transient tremor I used to experience for a few minutes a few times a year…has started to come more often. And has extended from just my legs, to my full body most recently. The stomach tremors are the strangest feeling like an extreme case of butterflies while the hand tremors are the most debilitating, making typing this difficult.

More annoyingly, I have sensory symptoms. These include, bugs crawling on me, stabbing pin prick like pain and the sensation of water dripping down my legs when they are dry. As you can probably guess this has led to many OMG moments…followed by an intense sense of relief! I didn’t pee myself!!! Yay! This is because I have a neurogenic bladder.

15.   How does your OCD affect your daily life?

At this point I seem to have a good handle on the OCD! It doesn’t affect my daily life enough to make life difficult. When it does act up I use a combination of CBT and mindfulness to get it under control.

16.   How do you manage your disorders?

Up until recently I was managing the MS completely through diet and lifestyle changes. I am however human, and fell off the wagon. Things have become too hard to handle without medication. I do not take any of the CRAB drugs or other disease modifying treatments. I have started to take pre-gablin for nerve pain, baclofen and clonazepam for muscle spasms.

I have been taking venlafaxine for depression for about twenty years on and off. It also treats the OCD so I got lucky. My major OCD problems worsened any time I tried to come off of the venlafaxine, so this is one I know I need to help my brain function properly.

17. Why are you writing this blog?

I am hoping that this blog will help me deal with the day-to-day issues that occur when living with chronic illness. I’m hoping to create an uplifting community where people feel free to share their struggles. This is a real blog. Here I will share the good the bad and the ugly things that crop up.

18. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I dreamed of being a fiction novelist. My youth hero was Christopher Pike, and then Stephen King as I got older.

19. What is the one thing you would tell your younger self if you could?

I do wish that I could tell nineteen year old me not to let MS define her life decisions. Since you really do have no idea what will happen. I never thought twenty years later that I would still be walking and functioning mostly normally. No one knows their future.

20.   Enter your own question in the comments?

Please take a moment to ask your own questions…did I miss something you’d like to know? Or would you like me to expand on one of my above answers. I love hearing from you!






2 thoughts on “Twenty Questions…About Me!

  1. I stumbled across your blog by accident whilst perusing twitter. I also started what I hope qualifies as a real blog for many of the reasons you mention. I was frustrated as hell with the uber sunshine and light “MS doesn’t have me!” bloggers. I thought there had to be something wrong with me because I was just uber pissed off pretty much all of the time. I was diagnosed Dec 15 of 2015. I turned 50 years old on February 19 of this year. I often wonder and feel grateful that I’ve lived so much of life before this insanity began for me. You are helping me understand how our experiences can be so similar (I could have written some of these entries!) and also so different all at the same time. Such a disease full of ironies! Anyway, I’m glad I “met” you. I hope you are well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for checking my blog out. I’m happy to hear that it is touching people in one way or another. I am not a fan of the “MS Warrior” moniker… I’m just living life as it comes. Taking things one day at a time and enjoying the life I’m living. I’m also glad to have met you and look forward to reading your blog.


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