Recently I had a reader tell me how positive I am. This kind of amused me. I remember a time when I was angry, upset and felt totally cheated.

Now twenty years post diagnosis I have very different views about the diagnosis than I did when I was first diagnosed.

Although I have a very positive outlook now, I went through some very dark times, involving self-destructive behaviour and self sabotage because I was unable to see any kind of future.

Now I’ve realized that everyone’s life is uncertain. None of us know what will happen from day-to-day. Tomorrow isn’t a right it’s a privilege and none of us should take it for granted!

Since I want this blog to be real I feel I need to let you know how I got to where I am. This will be covered throughout my posts.

Today I’d like to share a non-fiction article I wrote for a writing class shortly after I was diagnosed. You can see the tone is much more negative than in my current writings.

Acceptance really is a process. It can’t be rushed and will happen for everyone in a different time frame. We just need support. Knowing you’re not alone is very important during this process.

Please keep in mind that I was nineteen years old when I wrote this. I would like to hope that my style and talent as a writer have changed since this time.

If you want to read about my MS diagnosis…you can do so here.


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